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Our professionals seek to share the most important information which they have gained during their long experience and specialized dental seminars. They answer frequently asked questions and provide consultations to all patients.

Dental and gum care is one of the most important forms of dental prevention. Proper oral hygiene can eliminate bad mouth odour and tongue coating.

Toothbrush has been making our lives easier for centuries. At first, an adapted wooden chewing stick was used, which had to be chewed up first. The first toothbrush with bristles was invented in China in the 15th century. It had a bone or bamboo handle.

Dental caries is an infectious disease caused by bacteria, which affects the hard tissues of teeth. These bacteria break down carbohydrates from foods and produce acids which dissolve the enamel. Periodontitis and dental caries are the most common diseases of the oral cavity.

Photo composite resins are the most common type of white fillings. It is a material that hardens “on command” beside exposure of blue light. They have a good coloured stability and can very well imitate the appearance of the tooth and can be safely used on heavily loaded locations in back side of teeth structure. In most of situations today, they are an ideal material after that we primarily utilize.

Glass ionomer cement ( glass ionomer, GIC) is near by photo composites other material for making „white filling“.

In modern dentistry amalgam is considered an out of date material, which always has better substitutions (except a few exceptions).

Do you know it as well? Do you go to your dentist regularly and after 5 minutes in dental chair you are going away with the fact, that everything is all right? Do you have a feeling , that you are not given appropriate attention, which your teeth deserve? Is there a chance to detect by mere sight for such a short time all the potential problems?

Mercury creating basic part of amalgam is one of the most toxic components. In organism it long time accumulate and poisoning manifests by digestive problems, hair loss, various neurological and psychiatric complications, anemia and many other disorders. In the Nordic countries, concerns about dangers of amalgam lead to partial and later complete ban on the use of amalgam. How is it with danger of amalgam?

What are advantages and disadvantages of white dental filling compared with amalgam used in the past? Can it be replaced in all cases?

As a client you have a right to choose according to any criteria. For example, a financial demands, the possibility of special offers or location of dental clinic. Let us remind you of other criteria, which play an important role.



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