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Periodontitis is an advanced stage of gingivitis and other tissues, which hold the tooth in a particular place. It is a bacterial infection, which long time progresses unnoticed.

Periodontitis can be treated, but it can not be cured. If a patient is diagnosed with periodontitis, the state can be stabilized and improved by treatment. This treatment consists in removal of tartar, which is settled on the surface of root below the gum and subsequent slicking the surface of root.

Paradentosis, Periodontitis, also pyorrhoea is one of the most frequent infectious diseases in the Czech Republic. It is caused by long-term accumulation of dental plaque, which is not sufficiently well removed from the tooth surface (often in interdental).

NO! Periodontitis is not hereditary. For many patients it would have been appropriate „excuse“, but the majority of periodontal diseases is caused by lack of hygiene and the associated presence of bacteria in unremoved plaque.

You can have it! Bleeding gums is one of the main symptoms gum diseases.

Yes, you can prevent beginning of periodontitis. In such way, that you will keep daily an excellent level of dental hygiene. You take advice of dental hygienist, what tools are the most appropriate for you, how to use them, and where your weakness is.

Yes. The most appropriate method of cleaning, which help against gingivitis (inflammation of gum) and consequently also against periodontitis is when silk of toothbrush turn in the direction of space between the gum and the tooth surface beside cervix.

Periodontitis is treated by location cleaning of gingival groove and surface flattening of the all dental root, which was encapsulated by dental tartar.



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