How does periodontitis start?

Paradentosis, Periodontitis, also pyorrhoea is one of the most frequent infectious diseases in the Czech Republic. It is caused by long-term accumulation of dental plaque, which is not sufficiently well removed from the tooth surface (often in interdental).

This plaque is an ideal place for bacteria multiplication, which produce dangerous substance and cause inflammation of gums (gingivitis). Inflamed gum does not hold surface of tooth like cuff and it is not able to keep depth of dental groove in the healthy state. This creates a gap between the tooth and the gum in which accumulate additional dangerous bacteria. Then it is only a matter of time when untreated inflammation gets into the next stage – periodontitis. When the process of periodontitis is accelerated, there is a gradual loss of bone, teeth leans out and finally there is a tooth loss.



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