Mercury creating basic part of amalgam is one of the most toxic components. In organism it long time accumulate and poisoning manifests by digestive problems, hair loss, various neurological and psychiatric complications, anemia and many other disorders. In the Nordic countries, concerns about dangers of amalgam lead to partial and later complete ban on the use of amalgam. How is it with danger of amalgam?

Toxicity of amalgam is sometimes described as the main reason why to desist the use of amalgam fillings. Although amalgam today is definitely not suitable material, because of reported toxicity, is deprecated somewhat illegally.

Mercury is poisonous according to its form in which is located. The most poisonous are organic compounds and inorganic compounds soluble in water. Very dangerous are also mercury vapor. Mercury is in pure liquid form and is almost insoluble and therefore scarcely toxic. In amalgam, mercury is chemically and firmly bound and almost it not released and the amount absorbed into the body from amalgam fillings is negligible. Even swallowed a piece of amalgam poses no risk of poisoning.

The possible danger consists in mercury vapors. Vapors are released by solidification the amalgam. Furthermore, vapors are released by drilling of amalgam, when the material is heated to high temperature and mercury is vaporized. In both cases, vapor mercury is released in small amount and there is no risk of patient ´s imperilment. Amalgam is dangerous mainly for dentist and nurse who are repeatedly exposed to its effects.

The greatest risk causes amalgam for environment. For this reason, each dental clinic must be equipped with amalgam separator. It collects and allows its ecological liquidation of without releasing waste water. The largest polluter of mercury is crematorium, which every year releases in the air several tons of a mercury.



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