As a client you have a right to choose according to any criteria. For example, a financial demands, the possibility of special offers or location of dental clinic. Let us remind you of other criteria, which play an important role.


Qualitative dental hygiene is much more than just removing tartar or pigmentation. In COOL LOOK we are concerned primarily about the fact that the patient understands the principle of beginning gum disease. In addition to treatment, we put emphasis on the taking responsibility for the state of his teeth and oral health. Using X-rays, intraoral cameras and other visual images we explain to the patient seriousness of the disease, difference between gingivitis and serious diseases. We define problematic locations through the indices examining degree of damage gums. With this charted terrain we offer to patient treatment plan with time and price assumption.


in COOL LOOK lays oneself out, in order patient´s treatment was as pleasant as possible, but mainly effective. If the patient wishes, we offer the possibility of local anesthesia for treatment. Using ultrasound equipment, Vector and hand tools we carry out careful removing tartar above and below the gums. In the office we have Air Flow device that quickly and painlessly removes unsightly pigmentation from tea, coffee or tobacco. Finally, teeth are polished by special toothpaste for perfect smooth surface of enamel.

Not only how but mainly WHY?

In COOL LOOK, dental hygiene is performed by skilled dental hygienists. They are continually educated in this field. Our interest is to instruct our patient how to care about their oral health, in order to returned to us with pleasure from improvement. And therefore, very important part of dental hygiene is help with selection of appropriate dental materials and their proper use. Hygienists will advise you how to clean your teeth and they will also with you rehearse appropriate techniques of cleaning, recommend size of correct toothbrush and draws you specific location for their using. Our hygienists answer any questions regarding toothpaste, mouthwashes, fluoridation etc.

It´s about your teeth, and therefore we recommend you to choose a really professional personnel.


There is no “accurate” age for taking children to the dental hygienist. In COOL LOOK we are accustomed also on the smallest patients and we are glad for interest their parents, that they heed on qualitative treatment. Within the dental hygiene, we offer treatment for children in any age. We encourage parents for entrustment their children to us, admittedly with painless dental hygiene and later children get used to on dental ambient. The important part of children ´s dental hygiene is also a selection of the most appropriate toothbrush and other equipment and types, how to manage cleaning teeth at home.



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