How to know a good dentist?

Do you know it as well? Do you go to your dentist regularly and after 5 minutes in dental chair you are going away with the fact, that everything is all right? Do you have a feeling , that you are not given appropriate attention, which your teeth deserve? Is there a chance to detect by mere sight for such a short time all the potential problems?

Every examination differs

To the west of our borders is a five minute dental examination inconceivable. In the Czech Republic still remains a relatively common model. What should be controlled during the examination?

Dental caries

The dental caries is still the most expanded disease of teeth. It begins slowly and quietly, for a long time does not cause any trouble and just by looking at it for a long time can not diagnose it. When it is later so extensive that it starts to hurt or in the tooth begins a visible "hole", it is often too late for considerate treatment. If we neglect the option to detect dental caries, that it begins, dentist should focuses on early detection, at an early stage, that patient have lost only small part of teeth. Although modern fillings can reconstruct large defects, is it true, that the more intervention is smaller, with that longer vitality of tooth we can expect.

X-ray every 6-24 months

The greatest helper for early detection is regular and preventive x-ray. It can to detect early and well treatable state of dental caries and also can see into inaccessible places of common examination – interdental location and under fillings, where dental caries occurs very often. The x-ray is appropriate according to dentist´s consideration.

Gums examination

Detailed periodontal examination should be an important part of treatment, which takes place as a gum examination at several places around each tooth. It is the prevention of periodontal disease (periodontitis), which is the most common cause of tooth loss in middle and old age. At the beginning, there is an insufficient hygiene of patient, which leading to gingivitis and finally also bones and hanging apparatus of tooth. As a hanging apparatus and bone diminish, the tooth is becoming less resistant to load, which must resist, and process is further accelerated. Periodontitis does not hurt, patient often does not know about it and in the final state, when teeth begin to wobble, then is successful treatment irrelevant. Simple examination lasting approximately 10 minutes achieves to catch the initial stage of the disease and allows on due time to start treatment.

Examination of head and neck

The examination begins at the teeth and is mainly devoted to them, but it should not end there. In the area of head and neck can display a number of other diseases and careful dentist would have to be able to detect them. Predominantly with elderly patients and smokers should always be included oncology examination of the head and neck, because the dentist is the one who can observe a possible tumour. Another important part is then examination of mucous membranes, tongue, mouth, salivary glands, oral cavity, lymph nodes and jaw joints.

Acquaintance with results

In conclusion, we can say, that for health is responsible each oneself. The role of doctor cannot be overestimated, but also not underestimated. Dentist should be a partner, who not only timely solves problems, but he also discuss with patients about originating problems and what must patients do to prevent these problems. At the conclusion of examination, dentist should review results with patients and explain in details, what emerge from them.



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