Proper tooth cleaning, technique, developing good habits

Dental and gum care is one of the most important forms of dental prevention. Proper oral hygiene can eliminate bad mouth odour and tongue coating.

How often should I clean my teeth?

Everybody should clean their teeth at least twice a day, preferably after every meal. One of the main mistakes is to clean the teeth just for the effect. Many people forget to clean the back part of their teeth. However, excessive cleaning may do harm as well. Hard toothbrush which is not used well can result in the wear of the enamel.

Developing a good habit

It is important to encourage children to clean their teeth properly right from the first teeth. Deciduous teeth are important too and well acquired habit will serve your children well for their whole life. The state of primary teeth can significantly influence the development of permanent teeth.

Proper technique

Place the toothbrush on the teeth at the gum line at a 45° angle (towards the gum). The bristles can ideally access the groove between the tooth and the gum. Make five to ten small rotary or vibrating movements on the spot. Move one tooth further and repeat the same procedure. Special attention has to be paid to molars, which are not easily accessible. Food debris and plaque have to be removed from their surface thoroughly.

Use rather gentle rotating movements, the bristles on the toothbrush should not bend much. What is important is proper technique, not the pressure. Interdental spaces can be cleaned by special interdental brushes. Its wire should be inserted at an angle which suits you. We recommend using dental floss for narrow interdental areas. Well cleaned teeth do not have any plaque on the surface and feel smooth when touched with the tongue.

Even a seemingly small difference in the angle of the bristles, grip of the toothbrush or the movements can have far-reaching influence on the effectiveness of your cleaning. Our dental hygienist will show you the best technique for brushing the teeth. One last piece of advice – start practising the proper cleaning technique in front of a mirror. Even though in the beginning it may seem difficult and lengthy, later on it will become easier.



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