MDDr. Vincent Gurbaľ


Dentist is very willing and kind. But he drills tooth more than is necessary! I don ´t recommend him. And especially the prices for their treatments! You pay it yourself; it is not covered by health insurance.
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I would like to comment previous contribution written by Anonymous on April 4th. You are an expert, who knows how deep can doctor drill? I was very satisfied with this dentist. How did you figure out that I have to pay for everything? If you take care of your teeth, then you have minimal costs. But if you do not care of your teeth, then you have pay for it. I can ´t afford to throw money, but I have to pay for my sins in the dental care. This dentist is very skilful and the very important thing - my children have no fear of him. Conclusion – He got an A.
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He is an excellent dentist. I ´m totally satisfied. He had a great attitude and he explained me everything. He answered clearly my questions. Treatment went without a hitch and pain. He and nurse were very kind. I rate very highly care and services.
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Ondřej Kasík

M.D Gurbal is young, kind and caring dentist. Thanks to him I ´m not afraid of the dentist. It is a pity, that he left Neratovice. I wish him good luck and I can highly recommend him.
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