Equipment of the dental clinic

Thanks to our equipment is our dental clinic ready to provide the most complicated procedures. For example, for an excellent overview about the currently performed procedure we are equipped with intra-oral camera that transmits an image from the oral cavity on the monitor directly in front of patient´s eyes.

Microscope Zeiss OPMI pico

This superior microscope allows multiple enlargement and advances medical options on the new bounds. The largest advantage affords for endodontic and re-endodontic treatment, which allows a treatment of complicated situations such as ramification of root canal or removal of old root fillings. Treatment with the usage of microscope is always more qualitative and durable, in some cases a microscope allows to save teeth, that would have not saved without him. It is also used for another difficult procedures.

Digital panoramic x-ray – Orthoralix 9200 – Gendex

A digital panoramic picture of both jaws, teeth, jaw joints, jaw cavity and nasal cavity is made in 15 seconds and with a minimum dosage of radiation.

Digital intraoral x-ray – Expert DC Gendex

Instead of a classical film sensitive to x-ray, a special sensor is used, which can convert the radiation into a digital form. The image is immediately visible on the monitor, there is no need to develop it and all necessary data is available without delay. For a more precise assessment of the images it is possible to enlarge them, reduce them, colour them, use a magnifying glass for certain details etc. A major benefit of radiovisiography for the patient is that thanks to the great sensitivity of the sensors it is possible to reduce the dosage of x-rays which the patient is exposed to by up to one tenth in comparison with photographic film x-rays.

Endo motor – Silver Reciproc – VDW

Endodontics includes a treatment of root canals inside the tooth. Inside these canals, there is dental pulp, which is removed if there is inflammation in the tooth, thus creating a space inside the tooth. This space has to be treated, extended, cleaned and then filled so that the tooth can regain its functions. Machine root canal treatment guarantees better cleaning, extension and simplification of the complex root system and creates ideal conditions for filling the root canals.

Apex locator – Raypex 5 – VDW

This device is used in endodontic treatment. It is used to measure the length of the root canal space precisely and to determine the position of apical foramen, a narrow opening at the apex of the dental root, through which the nerve and blood vessels supplying the dental pulp (cavity inside the tooth) pass from the adjacent bone. For a long-term succes of the endodontic treatment, it is vital to treat and fill the root canal right up to this opening. Apex locator compares the tissue resistance between two electrodes. A small metal hook is placed into the corner of the lip of the patient and acts as one electrode. The second electrode is connected to the instrument, which is used for treating the dental root. This measurement is completely painless.

Intraoral camera – Gendex

A device which can display spots which would otherwise be very difficult to see and access. It enables the patient to see on the monitor what the doctor sees. Thus, the doctor can clearly explain the existing problems and suggest a treatment plan.


The monitor is placed right in front of the patient. Thanks to an intraoral camera the patient can follow the whole procedure on the monitor and can ask the dentist any questions regarding the treatment.

Electrocauter ART

This device is used to treat soft tissues (gums, fumbriated fold of the tongue). The device works with a high frequency electric current and can be used for coagulation (cessation of bleeding) or for incision. An advantage of the incision by an electric current is a significantly lower post-operative painfulness and quicker healing than if the usual surgical tools (scalpels) are used. During the incision and most importantly immediately after the incision, the tissue does not bleed, which makes it possible to perform surgical interventions during one visit that would require breaking up into two visits with several days for healing of the treated soft tissue if the traditional tools were used.

CapMix – 3M Espe

A capsule mixing device for amalgam, glass ionomer cement and other materials in capsules.

Pentamix 3 – 3M Espe

Fast, automatic, mixed device, that ensures high quality mixing of impression materials and the highest performance. The materials are without air bubbles, which could have unfavourably to influence the accuracy of the impression material.

Prophylactic unit

The combined device for dental hygiene connects all in one - ultrasound and sand-trap. Ultrasonic generator has a wide range of power settings and with special tailpieces allows effective and simultaneously sensitive removal of tartar. The same device can also be used for dental sandblasting (air flow), which removes from the tooth sedimentary pigments from drinking coffee, tea or smoking and return white, natural colour of teeth.

The dental chair KaVo Primus

This modern dental chair stands out with a wide range of positioning possibilities and ensures comfort to patient during the prolonged treatment. Most of dental procedures take place in lying position, which is comfortable for patients and doctor. The good overview and access to teeth allows qualitative and durable treatment.



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