Microscopic treatment

mikroskop osetrenie
mikroskop osetrenie

Microscopic dentistry is a modern branch of dentistry that takes advantage of magnification techniques in the examination and treatment of patients. It successfully solves situations where the treated structures are too small for the human eye to recognize all necessary details.

Microscopic dentistry

The microscope in dentistry can be used in all areas, from preventive examinations to more detailed ones, from the making of fillings and prosthetic treatment, to endodontic treatment of root canals, where its benefit is most evident.


The operating microscope enables precise treatment even in complicated cases, ensuring the long life of the tooth. It is often possible to correct previous mistakes with it, thus saving a tooth with which the first attempt at endodontic treatment was unsuccessful and which would to be removed, up until only very recent technological innovation.
With the development of new treatment procedures, materials and devices, dental care quality is shifting to levels that until recently were hard to envisage. The use of enlargement technology plays an important role in raising the standards of treatment, and that’s why we also offer them in our surgical procedures.