Onlay and Overlay


They are currently a commonly used alternative to dental crowns. Onlay replaces at least one whole bump and overlay is a reconstruction of the entire biting surface of the tooth.

These prosthetic works cover the chewing surface of the tooth, so that it sufficiently protects the weakened tooth from fracture, but at the same time saves the hard tooth tissue itself as much as possible.
Onlay and overlay are all-ceramic reconstructions that are used in the lateral section of the teeth for larger tooth defects, most often after endodontic treatment, and if the patient is interested in a aesthetic pleasing result. They represent the transition between a simple filling tooth treatment and an artificial crown treatment. They are a suitable and more durable variant for large composite fillings or large amalgam extensions. Compared to crowns, they represent a gentler alternative, because it is not necessary to grind the tooth around the entire circumference. The extent of hard tooth tissue loss is the main criterion for physicians to decide which treatment option to offer the patient as the most appropriate.

How does it work?

Prosthetic works are made in the dental laboratory on the basis of an imprint, and are then adhesively sealed to the tooth.