Postendodontics, extensions and pins


Postendodontic treatment includes the reconstruction of the outer parts of the teeth after the endodontic treatment. After careful closure of the canal, it is essential to return the tooth to its original anatomical shape.

You can build your teeth as well

In most cases, we begin endodontic treatment in cases of extensive damage to the tooth. After quality treatment of root canals, there is often not much left of such a tooth. In particular, the central part of the tooth, its core, is damaged; if it was replaced only by the filling, it would lead to biting of the tooth, or fracture, over time. Depending on the situation of the tooth core, we would either reinforce it with a fiberglass or metal pin, then replacing the missing crown tissue by a ‘mantle’, a ceramic material that offers an anatomically rehabilitated tooth.
In cases where there is enough dental tissue, it is possible to use only a half crown (overlay) on the tooth. The attending physician will give you enough information about the most suitable option.