Conservative dentistry and preventive dental care

The aim of conservative dentistry is to keep both relatively healthy and damaged teeth in mouth for as long as possible. This treatment usually concerns teeth affected by dental caries or injury.

What does conservative dental treatment include?

Conservative dentistry is concerned not only with healthy teeth, but also with treating ill and damaged teeth. Apart from treating dental caries, conservative dentistry is focused on prevention, diagnosis and therapy of dental defects.

Dental caries

Dental caries is the most common disease of the oral cavity. In case of minor damage which does not affect the nerve system of the tooth, the decay can be treated using a filling. The dental plaque contains a huge amount of bacteria and microorganisms which have a negative effect on the surface of the teeth. Bacteria release toxic substances which convert carbohydrates into acids. The damaged surface of the teeth then cannot prevent bacteria from penetrating into the tooth where caries is subsequently formed.

Easy conservative check-up

At our clinic, we always try to preserve as much of the original, not yet damaged dental tissues, as possible. We can treat your caries, congenital defects of the enamel, erosions, injuries and prevention of further complications. If the tooth is only slightly damaged and the nervous system is not affected, we treat these defects with a filling (dental restoration). The whole procedure is performed under anaesthesia to increase your comfort.

Composite (white) filling is made of dental resins, which harden when exposed to light. It is highly aesthetic and made in the exact shade of your tooth. This is the main difference from amalgam fillings, which have dark colour and moreover, they require greater preparation. A composite filling hardens when exposed to light, so you can start eating right after the treatment is over.

The length of the treatment depends on the size of the caries. If an amalgam filling is used, we recommend not biting anything for 2 hours. If the treatment is carried out under local anaesthesia, you should not drink any hot beverages for the given period of time.

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