Cosmetic and aesthetic dentistry

Today dental care is not only about healthy teeth. Cosmetic dentistry is a dental specialty, which helps to improve the appearance of teeth and face by various dental procedures.

We follow the trends

Aesthetic and cosmetic dentistry is a fully developed branch today. Its methods have improved significantly over the last years to the extent that the attending dentist can predict the result. This means that the aesthetic procedure is completely safe for our patients.

Custom-made smile

Our dental clinic has long experience with cosmetic dentistry. Thanks to the materials we use, in particular ceramic facets and dental restorations of the crowns, we can change the layout of your teeth and restore the shape of your mouth according to your needs. In this way, we can help you achieve a radiant smile on your face.

Tooth whitening is not the only option

Drawing up a treatment plan includes discussion on various options and methods and estimated costs. The most frequent procedures include tooth whitening and filling replacement. More complicated cosmetic procedures cover prosthetic procedures, for example tooth crowns, facets or bridges.

Other first-rate services of our dental clinic include consultation and various recommendations regarding cosmetic orthodontics. This branch of dentistry is concerned with the position of individual teeth, which can be arranged by using removable or fixed braces. Our cosmetic dentistry services are also intended for patients with healthy teeth, who are just not satisfied with their appearance.

Final advice

Do not forget that despite the aesthetic qualities of your mouth, its functionality is the more important factor. If you follow thorough oral hygiene, you can avoid uncomfortable visits at the dental emergency. Prevention is always the best way to achieve not only a perfect smile, but mainly to get rid of the troubling toothache.

Price for procedure and possibility to make an appointment

Samples of dental performances

Replacement of an amalgam filling

Treatment of very deep decay under old amalgam filling



After hours of excruciating pain from a tooth that has been "cured" at a local policlinic I have visited COOL LOOK for an urgent treatment of the very same tooth. I was seen immediately, the doc has taken X-rays, thoroughly explained my situation, gave me a time and price estimate for the treatment and basically re-treated the entire tooth once again. It took couple of visits to finish the treatment but if I would have come to this place the first time around I could have saved myself a lot of pain and frustration ....


My family and I have moved to Prague in May last year and I have been desperately looking for a good dental clinic which would have an English speaking staff, preferably no more than 3 weeks waiting time for your appointment and would have a dental hygienist. Through a server for foreigners living in Prague I have heard of this place and I am thrilled!!! My husband and I as well as our children all come to regular check-ups and fillings if necessary. And we very much appreciate the dental hygienist. She is fluent in English, has been trained in the US and is such a nice person. I can highly recommend this place.


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