Dental hygiene and basic dental care

Dental hygiene is a preventive activity which is performed mainly by a dental hygienist. Dental hygiene is an important part of preventive dentistry, as it helps to prevent many complications, including dental caries, gingivitis and periodontitis.

About dental hygiene

Dental hygiene is a dental specialty which emerged in early 20th century and nowadays it is an integral part of modern dentistry. Links between poor state of the oral cavity and serious health problems have been established. Only by proper and regular dental care it is possible to maintain oral cavity healthy in the long term.

Dental hygiene includes mainly practising proper home dental care. Despite the advancements in modern dentistry, the best way is to follow the rules of preventive dental care. Good habits in oral hygiene cannot be acquired without detailed professional advice or help.

How to perform dental hygiene

Proper home dental care based on the information and instruction from our hygienist is the best way to maintain healthy teeth in the long term. We start with dental hygiene at an early age and we teach children how to care for their teeth properly.

Regular professional tooth cleaning together with home dental care certainly reduces the incidence of dental caries, prevents the disease of periodontium and thus it is the best way to maintain healthy and beautiful teeth for life. You can find more information about proper tooth cleaning at our consultation page.

Dental hygiene at our clinic

Complex dental hygiene starts by examining soft tissues in the oral cavity. Special attention is paid to dental plaque and tartar deposits. You can watch the whole examination of your mouth on the monitor of the intraoral camera.

Our dental hygienist will explain to you in detail the origin of any potential disease and on request she can talk to you before any procedure about all the options available. By using curettes, ultrasound and special hand tools with gold tips we ensure that tartar is removed over and under the gum as well. The dental hygiene procedure also includes the removal of pigments with Air-flow method.

An integral part of our treatment is also fluoridation, which means local application of fluoride gel.

Course of treatment

Removal of tartar (mineralised dental plaque)

We use ultrasound device from the company Mectron. Ultrasonic tailpiece has a rounded edges and number of different shapes. According to the state of patient´s gums and quantity of tartar we choose the most appropriate tailpiece.

By precise and convenient movements we encircle each tooth above and below the gum. Tailpiece gently vibrates and vibration smashes tartar, firmly attached on the tooth surface. Tailpiece is during treatment greatly cooled by soft water injection as a prevention of overheating of the tooth. For cleaning or removal tartar in difficult available locations we use hand tools made by company Hu-Friedy.

Removal of pigmentation black, brown, yellow dental plaque from food, tobacco, wine etc).

We use Air-Flow device from the company Mectron. Stream of water, air and soft particles of dental powder, that under pressure jets from tailpiece of device on the surface of tooth perfectly removes pigmentation caused by coffee, tea, cigarettes, etc.

Before treatment Air-Flow is a necessary preparation - the face of the patient is isolated with cotton rolls on the patient´s eyes we mounts glasses such as prevention against ingress of powder in the eyes. Client garment is covered with protective coating. Polishing dental brush or dental band and polishing toothpaste from the company Kerr we finish polishing and smoothing minor irregularities on the teeth.

Price for procedure and possibility to make an appointment

900,- Kč/ 45 min.

Dental Hygiene Loyalty Programme

Samples of dental performances

Dental hygiene

Dental hygiene



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