Endodontics, root canal treatment

Endodontics is a dental specialty which is concerned mainly with the treatment of root canals. This procedure is performed when teeth have a damaged crown due to advancing dental caries.

Teeth inflammation

Under the tooth crown there is a very vulnerable tissue, dental pulp, which is very susceptible to damage. This can happen for example as a result of an injury, exposure to extreme temperatures, or most commonly as a consequence of dental caries.

Do not wait for the pain to come

You may not notice dental caries. Tooth inflammation can spread in the oral cavity despite the fact that you do not feel any toothache. The dental caries advances, until bacteria reach the pulp cavity. This causes an acute inflammation of the dental pulp which has irreversible effect on tooth nerves. Only a dentist or dental hygienist can notice this kind dental caries.

Why should you not put off visiting a dentist?

In the late stage it leads to an inflammation of the dental nerve, which is located inside the tooth and in the root canal. The inflammation starts as a rapidly worsening sensitivity to thermal stimuli. If you do not visit the dental clinic, the untreated inflammation spreads further into the bone and causes swelling. The only remaining option in this case might be tooth extraction. At our clinic, we will help you maintain the tooth without causing any pain by root canal therapy of inflamed or dead teeth.

What is endodontics concerned about?

Endodontics is aimed at saving an inflamed or dead tooth to prevent its extraction. It is therefore necessary to remove the infected tissue from the root canals, shape them, disinfect and fill the space with an inert homogenous hermetic filling, which prevents the recurrence of infection in the tooth and its spreading into the surrounding tissues. Thus, bacteria cannot spread from the oral cavity into the affected bone, which is then able to heal up. The whole endodontic treatment is performed painlessly under local anaesthesia.


Before the endodontic treatment, our dentist will make an x-ray image of your teeth, which plays a very important role. The x-ray image is necessary to gain information about the root system of the tooth, its shape, irregularities, damages to the dental crown etc. Thanks to another x-ray after the treatment our dentist can check that he has cleaned the whole root canal.

How do we perform endodontic treatment?

The tooth canal cleaning is performed depending on the type of the inflammation. We remove the inflamed or dead pulp manually or more commonly by rotary endodontic tools. Machine treatment of root canals offers a better cleaning, extending and thus simplifying the rather complicated root system. It creates ideal conditions for filling the root canals. The length of the treatment depends on the number of canals in the infected tooth.


When our dentist removes all infected matter from the canals, he will disinfect the canals, dry them and fill them hermetically. This is a key part of the whole endodontic treatment and its aim is to fill the root canals thoroughly, including the microscopic unevenness of the walls. Depending on other circumstances the filling can be performed during the same visit as the cleaning or we put temporarily a healing and disinfectant insert into the canals.

Post-treatment endodontics

After the root canal treatment we will perform post-treatment endodontics, which consists in the reconstruction of the outer part of the tooth. After carefully closing the canals, our dentist will restore the original shape of the tooth. If the tooth is severely damaged, it has to be restored by an artificial dental crown custom-made at the laboratory.

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