Microscopic dentistry – modern treatment is not made blindly

Microscopic dentistry is a modern branch of stomatology, which uses advantages of magnifying techniques in the examination and treatment of patients. It successfully deals with situations, in which structures of procedure are too small for human eye to identify all necessary details.

The main advantages for the patient are significantly longer vitality, maximal consideration and preciseness in all performed procedures. In many other medical fields is the use of magnifying glasses and microscopes obviousness. Who would be examined by eye surgeon or neurosurgeon without these devices? Dentistry often works in the similar dimensions – the average dental crown size doesn´t reach 1 cm even if it is put on the biggest teeth.

For more easily procedures (examination, fillings, dental crowns, ...) are normally sufficient loupes with magnification 2,5x-3,5x. Demanding procedures such as root canal treatment usually require of surgical microscope with a magnification 3x-20x. Its advantage is not only the magnification, but also perfect lighting of structures at a depth of tooth, which otherwise would have not been possible to achieve.

What are the advantages of enlargement by different procedure?

Examination and preventive check-up

Magnification allows detect tooth decay at the early stage, when treatment can be minimally invasive. With magnification can also see leaks around fillings, due to which there is a risk of beginning decay. Also reveals the cracks in the teeth, which may indicative of the fact that without proper treatment the tooth could burst at higher load.


Fillings made under magnification are not only „padding hole in the tooth“, but it is the most functional and aesthetic reconstruction. Detailed overview allows doctors to remove all decayed tissues, so that the decay under fillings does not continue, but simultaneously do not drill more than is necessary and tooth will not unnecessarily weakened. The most important step is to ensure absolute tightness filling so that bacteria do not get between filling and tooth. It denotes that decay could not continue. Icing on the cake for the patient is the possibility to mold filling in adequate shape and ensure not only functional but also aesthetic result.


Magnification during the tooth grinding on dental crown or on dental bridge allows work considerately and guarantees result with the best quality and vitality.


In endodontics (root canal treatment) plays the enlargement a pivotal role. There are treated structures with dimensions in the order of tenths of milimetre, almost invisible by the naked eye, which are also in the depth of the tooth and where is not possible to illumine otherwise than the operating microscope. Endodontic treatment without magnifiers is made literally blindfold, on the basis of haptic sensations and its long-term success unfortunately response for that. Mainly in a situation, where is this procedure last chance for saving teeth.

Operating microscope allows precise treatment in demanding cases and ensures tooth vitality. With its usage is possible to repair previous mistakes and save the tooth, in which the first attempt was not successful and that would have recently been sentenced to yank.

With the development of new treatment procedures, new materials and devices, quality of dental care advances in levels, which have recently been hardly imaginable. The times, when dentists said that they do not like root canal treatment are gone. Use of magnifying technology plays in improving standards of treatment a fundamental role and it should be obvious in every dental office providing qualitative services.

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