Pediatric dentistry and care for deciduous teeth

Pediatric dentistry is a dental specialty dealing with dental care for children. At our clinic, we follow the development of their teeth and help them prevent orthodontic defects. Although primary teeth are temporary, dental care at young age is very important, especially for the proper development and growth of permanent teeth.

Prevention in the first place

We focus in the first place on prevention and nutritional counselling. We try to prevent dental caries right from your child’s first teeth. The dental care for children’s teeth and following thorough dental hygiene can significantly influence the state of teeth of your child at an adult age.

First visit at the pediatric dentist

The first visit at the pediatric dentist should be during the first year of your child. At our clinic, we try to ensure that the visit is completely without any stress or complications. We try to create a friendly and relaxed atmosphere. During the first check-up, our pediatric dentist will give you some advice on the best way to clean your child’s teeth, which toothbrush should be used for deciduous teeth and he will explain children’s dental hygiene to you. Emphasis is also laid upon creating trust between us and children, which has a major influence on further cooperation during the treatment. We adopt a sensitive approach to children and always keep their parents informed.

At our clinic children are not scared

During the check-ups, we try to make your children lose their fear from the dentist. Our dental clinic approaches all children patients completely individually. If your child has never been to a dentist, we do our best to ensure that the child will not leave the clinic with negative impression. If an intervention is inevitable, we clearly explain everything to the child. Our pediatric dental care also includes a regular oral hygiene, including recommending correct hygienic and dietary habits.

Proper care for your children’s teeth

You should visit the pediatric dentist regularly and come to pediatric preventive check-ups twice a year, every six months. Deciduous teeth play an important role in chewing food, they influence the development of jaws, the position of permanent teeth and speech development and the formation of words. Therefore, it is necessary to care for primary teeth and prevent their premature loss. Proper oral hygiene is as important as at an adult age. We recommend taking care of primary teeth already when your child is still a toddler. Brushing deciduous teeth should be done by parents in the beginning. The first teeth should be cleaned by moving in small circles almost on the spot. It should not cause any teeth pain or be uncomfortable in any way. If children do not like using toothpaste, toothbrush and water is enough. Gradually the child should learn to clean the teeth individually.

Toothbrush for children

We recommend using silicone toothbrushes for the first cleaning of children’s teeth. They can be put on the finger to ensure better safety. Children’s toothbrushes and toothpastes are an essential part of proper care of your child’s teeth. The oral cavity of children is much more sensitive and when the first deciduous teeth are growing, it is important to pay attention to the right hardness of bristles. Toothbrushes for children should have a very small cleaning part, so that they could move them easily in their small mouths. Bigger handle is ideal for children for a better grip.

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