Post-treatment endodontics, buildups and pins

Post-treatment endodontics means treating teeth with filled root canals. The procedure consists in inserting special root pins into one or more canals. Then the missing parts of the tooth crown are built up, which are then filed down and imprinted on the crown.

Lower resistance

If the endodontic treatment is performed well, a dead tooh can still retain its functions. However, it gradually becomes more fragile. As a result of injury or dental caries a large part of hard tooth tissues have to be removed. Therefore, the tooth becomes less resistant to mechanical strain.

Extraction is not always necessary

Therefore, post-treatment endodontics also attempts to avoid fractures of teeth after endodontic treatment and avoid any unnecessary extractions. We always take this into account when we are deciding on the most suitable treatment. We adjust the methods we choose for the reconstruction of dental crown and thus we increase the resistance of the tooth.

Building your teeth

The artificial crown can prevent the actual crown of the tooth from cracking. Nevertheless, the tooth stump, which is covered by the crown, has to be resistant enough not to split off together with the crown at the neck part of the tooth. Depending on the extent of the damage to the tooth stump, we use white buildup materials, amalgam buildups and cast metal inlays (buildups) for the buildups under the crowns.

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