Preventive dentistry and dental caries prevention

This is the basic and the most important branch of dentistry. Preventive dentistry is essential to maintain healthy teeth and a beautiful smile. Only by following the proper methods of preventive dentistry you can prevent often irreversible or difficult and painful to cure damages to your teeth and oral cavity.

The essence of dental prevention

The aim of preventive dentistry is to prevent dental diseases (primary prevention). If nevertheless the teeth get damaged, it is time for secondary prevention, which aims to diagnose the disease and prevent it from worsening. Tertiary prevention tries to limit the progression of the disease and to restore the original state of the teeth. The regenerating power of hard dental tissues is limited as well as the healing power of periodontinum, thus in most cases it is impossible to restore the teeth to their original state.

Why should I go for a preventive check-up?

Despite careful dental hygiene we recommend going to a dental clinic at least twice a year. 70 % of potential dental problems can be revealed only by a qualified dentist. Our dentist can reveal any pathological states during the preventive check-ups in time and prevent any possible damage or significantly reduce its progression.

Complex dental examination

Our clinic offers a complex preventive dental examination. Entry and preventive check-ups are carried out by our dentist. A complex dental examination, which is at the beginning of the whole procedure, includes an entry check-up and an assessment of the state of teeth (dental formula). Then we do a preventive orthodontic check-up including the assessment of possible defects and the position of teeth.

The preventive check-up and detailed diagnosis include an examination of soft tissues around your face and neck. The dentist will make an x-ray image (occlusion x-ray) to detect any possible interdental caries or caries under fillings. Special attention is paid to frequent dental plaque and tartar deposits. Thanks to an intraoral camera you can watch the whole examination of your oral cavity on the monitor.

Dental prevention during pregnancy

Special attention during preventive examinations has to be paid to pregnant women. We recommend at least two check-ups during pregnancy. Preventive examinations of pregnant women also include instruction on dental care for their children. Due to hormonal activity during pregnancy the gums get very sensitive, which leads to swellings and bleeding, accompanied by a mild pain. Therefore especially during pregnancy we recommend the expecting mothers to follow thorough oral hygiene.


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My family and I have moved to Prague in May last year and I have been desperately looking for a good dental clinic which would have an English speaking staff, preferably no more than 3 weeks waiting time for your appointment and would have a dental hygienist. Through a server for foreigners living in Prague I have heard of this place and I am thrilled!!! My husband and I as well as our children all come to regular check-ups and fillings if necessary. And we very much appreciate the dental hygienist. She is fluent in English, has been trained in the US and is such a nice person. I can highly recommend this place.


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