Prosthetics, a range of dental restorations to suit your needs

The aim of prosthetics is to replace a missing tooth, a group of teeth, or a part of the tooth which has been damaged due to dental caries or injury.


A facet is a thin ceramic slice which can change the shape and colour of the tooth. It is glued over the front visible part of the tooth in both upper and lower jaw. Ceramic facets can hide all stains, discolourations or defects. They can also hide big gaps between the teeth. Ceramic facets are custom-made at our dental laboratory. The treatment starts by gentle filing of the front part of the tooth, up to 0,6 mm deep. Then a facet is carefully glued over the tooth. The patient perceives the facet as his own tooth and it is not detectable with the naked eye.

Custom-made to last for a long time

Our dental clinic uses high-quality ceramic facets with a long lifespan. Before the procedure we will choose together the most suitable shade of ceramic facets and then apply them carefully, so that we keep the risk of their release to minimum. However, dental care at our clinic does not finish here. We keep controlling that the facets retain a stable colour, quality and functionality. The lifespan of ceramic facets depends on your dental care. Therefore, we recommend perfect oral hygiene and careful biting when eating hard foods.

Dental crown

A crown is a prosthetic product which completely caps the treated tooth. Its shape and colour should faithfully imitate the original tooth. Ceramic crowns can replace damaged teeth which still have roots. If the whole tooth is missing, we use the dental crown as one part of the dental implant. This is the best option in aesthetic and functional terms if the whole tooth is missing.

Pain-free crowning

Unlike facets, crowns replace the whole tooth. They also serve as pillars for applying fixed bridges. Our dentist will perform the procedure under local anaesthesia. After filing the tooth in the desired shape, he will apply the crown in a way that you will not feel any difference in the structure of your teeth when compared to the original tooth. We recommend thorough dental care and oral hygiene, especially of the treated tooth.

Dental bridge

Dental bridges replace one or more lost teeth and they are fixed permanently to the teeth adjacent to the space. First, we file at least two teeth adjacent to the space after the missing tooth. Then we make crowns for the filed teeth. Dental bridges were often used in the past, nowadays lost teeth are usually replaced by dental implants. However, there are situations, when the bridge is a more effective solution. We consult the materials used for crowns and bridges with the patient. Our aim is always to save the damaged teeth and restore their function as well as appearance.

Inlay, onlay, overlay

Inlay, onlay and overlay are dental restorations, which are used in the case of extensive dental defects or when the patient prefers a highly aesthetic solution. It is a transition from dental filling to artificial crown. They are more durable than extensive composite fillings and also a suitable alternative to extensive amalgam buildups. Unlike crowns, they are gentler, as the tooth does not have to be filed on the whole surface. They are made in dental laboratory on the basis of an impression and then they are glued into or onto the tooth. Inlay is the smallest of these dental restorations, onlay replaces at least one whole cusp and overlay is a reconstruction of the whole biting surface of the tooth.

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Paní doktorka je absolutně skvělá. Je milá, ochotná, vše vysvětlí, naprosto bezbolestná péče. Vřele doporučuji :-)
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I am one happy patient with not only couple of teeth saved to keep in my mouth but with a completely different attitude towards dentists. The treatments don't have to be painful and scary no longer. Anesthesia and Xrays (including the big one which takes the picture of the entire mouth) available right there! Love my dentist now :]


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