Tooth whitening, how to achieve a radiant smile

Tooth whitening has above all positive aesthetic effect on your teeth. With minimal effort we will help you achieve a radiant smile. Tooth whitening is a method which can remove dark pigments from the deep layers of enamel.

Unsightly stains

Pigmentations are dark spots on the enamel in the form of stains. These pigmentations deposited on teeth from various foods which are rich in pigments. They have a negative impact on the colour of the enamel in comparison with the original natural shade.

Home tooth whitening and whitening at the clinic

Regardless of the form of tooth whitening, we recommend performing this procedure only after a thorough dental hygiene. Tooth whitening at the clinic or at home is a painless procedure and it does not require anaesthesia. Internal tooth whitening is performed under local anaesthesia.

We fabricate individual trays for home tooth whitening, which are filled with the NiteWhite whitening gel by the Discus Dental Company. ZOOM method is used for bleaching at the clinic. Every patient is thoroughly instructed about the whole procedure and on request our dental hygienist can instruct the patient in more detail.

Tooth whitening at the clinic

Tooth whitening at the clinic is performed by the dental hygienist at our clinic. The whole procedure is completely painless and does not take more than two hours. Tooth whitening begins with an application of protective resin on gums. Then we apply a whitening gel on teeth and set the lamp at a correct angle, so that the light shines in the whole oral cavity.

We let the lamp shine for about 15 minutes, then we remove the whitening gel from your teeth and repeat the whole procedure twice more. We use whitening gels with 20-35 % concentrations. This concentration in combination with the lamp guarantees fast results.

Home tooth whitening

At our clinic, we first prepare special trays based on the impression of your teeth. Then you apply a whitening gel with a concentration of 10-16% at home and place it on his or her teeth. You should leave the tray with the whitening gel on your teeth for at least six hours. We recommend applying the gel it overnight, after a thorough oral hygiene.

Achieving the desired shade depends on the cause of your current colour of teeth. Average teeth take usually two to four weeks. If your teeth are coloured because of smoking, the whitening procedure can last up to three to six months. We do not recommend tooth whitening to patients under 18, pregnant or breastfeeding women. If your teeth are overly sensitive, you should not do the tooth whitening procedure for more than two hours a day.

Whitening toothpaste just complements the whitening procedure. We do not recommend using it in the long term, a visible change is guaranteed only by professional tooth whitening. Remember, overly sensitive teeth or teeth with dental caries should be treated thoroughly before the whitening procedure.

Samples of dental performances

Teeth whitening

Teeth whitening


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