Why join us

The course of the visit

Are looking for a dentist for yourself or someone close to you? Wondering where to call? Not every dentist is the same. Some questions will only be answered in our dentist's office, but the correct information can help you make the right decision. There's nothing like a visit!

How does it work?

You can make an appoinment with our dentists and dental hygienists by phone or e-mail. The receptionist will find a suitable date according to your time possibilities. We are here also for people with standard working hours as well as tourists visiting only for a few days.
In today's hectic activity it can be easy to forget things, so two days before the agreed date of treatment you will receive a text message with a reminder of the date, time and type of treatment with us.

100% comfort, zero waiting

We make appoinments with our clients for precisely set dates, so you don’t have to wait long hours in a busy waiting room. You will always be welcomed by our friendly receptionists. If you are with us for the first time, you will receive a questionnaire. This will help doctors to better understand your health status, requirements and demands that you put in your oral health care.
Of course there is refreshment in the form of water, coffee or which patients and accompaniers are welcome to enjoy. Free Wi-Fi, books, magazines, newspapers and a children's play area are all available in the waiting rooms.

A doctor outside the consulting office

After completing the questionnaire, the doctor or his/her assistant will pick you up from the waiting room. You can follow the entire treatment process on a screen. Throughout the treatment, your doctor will keep you informed about what they are doing, and why. If you have questions, or are just curious, you have the opportunity to ask directly during the treatment. If you wish to have the treatment completed as soon as possible, you will only be acquainted with the treatment that will be implemented.
During a preventive check-up, your doctor will always consult with you about the given problems and possible solutions. If your teeth require more than one treatment, your doctor will work out a financial and time plan.

Smiles cost nothing

If you are looking for a doctor who asks first, explains next and then – a and only then – starts drilling you have entered the correct dental practice.